Thursday, 30 May 2013


Ava, showing off her fangs - Instagram @helsmartin
My love for cocopops with full fat milk has reached a new level. After three bowls yesterday and still pining for more, I have porridge with me today in an effort to stop such sugar consumption. Still bringing an entire bag of 'lunch' to work everyday, still having the little fidghter adoring a mighty wriggle as I try and sleep. Which actually, I love. The spud definitely loves cocopops too, as I always feel little somersaults after I've just inhaled a bowl. 

At the mo, we are trying to sort out all the bits and bobs we need for the kiddo. I have an Amazon bag rammed with stuff, with C systematically deletes of an evening. £40 muslin cloths, yeh? I'm not doing it don't worry, but I can't say I haven't been tempted by the sweet animal / patterned designs and promise of bamboo goodness. Every purchase is considered these days and as a result we have found we are actually saving as perhaps we should have done pre preg. But the impetus is definitely more profound - rather than holiday gallivants, it's all about the kid. 

Emphasised when we went to the shops for some last minute bits for our upcoming holiday and found ourselves in the baby section, finding mini he and mini me outfits. Couldn't help it, the excitement is strong. Boy/Girl? Couldn't tell you. I still think boy. I managed to purchase some animal print pjs for myself. They make me happy. Just like rest does. I love rest, so, so much. 

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