Friday, 21 June 2013

Ode to the lion

The Flower Appreciation Society are in issue four of Lionheart Magazine

Thank the heavens, skies and pastel-coloured shrimps and banana sweets that have saved me. Frik, the fourth issue of Lionheart Magazine is complete. I can't believe it! I have to say – I am very proud of this issue, and genuinely think it might very well be my favourite of all the issues.

A lot has changed since I began the magazine, just over two years ago. People have grown, seasons have passed, jobs have changed, cats accumulated and houses moved. One noticeable thing, is the rise in magazines similar to Lionheart. It's great that more people are embracing the ethos of enjoying the good things and investigating interesting people and lives, finding inspiration in real life's fabulous and intriguing charms, as opposed to celebrity.

I believe Lionheart Magazine has its own, very unique voice and style – and this is the thing I am perhaps most proud of. It feels really, truly 'solid' in this fourth issue and I love how it runs smoothly through the magazine.

I've never compromised on anything to do with Lionheart Magazine – it's my baby! – and throughout the issues, I have ensured that every page, stockist and sentiment, is right for the magazine and true to where it all began. I know I could have taken up the publisher's offer, sold the idea, worked for another, given up when I began my full time job – but nope. This is about far more than money. Trust. This is a magazine. Exactly how I want a magazine to be done. When many people told me it was a bad idea (mainly those in the media biz), I did it. And now I'm about to release the fourth issue – still powerfully independent, still in love with what I'm doing. Big hoorah for that! Aint much better!

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  1. This is amazing and you are an absolute inspiration Ms Martin. So glad you didn't listen to the sharks and went your own way. Love what you do, do what you love. Sian xxx