Friday, 3 May 2013


Wouldn't it be fab to be surrounded by towering plants of differing shades of a vibrant green. Sitting on your deckchair-type seat, looking out through your clear glass, window walls to the moving, growing, immersive wallpaper. And just be. Be – not busy. Or not feeling like you should be busy, as your damn lists spiral like Japanese bindweed. Just to 'be', is underrated.

After a very full week, it's time to take a step back. I keep thinking how when the kid makes its no doubt grand appearance, everything will change and I won't be able to 'just be', this post and my 'be' times will become a strange sort of obscure memory.

I have resolved to try and have a million, bazillion adventures with the kid, but also to try and have some peaceful times. Probably for my own sanity, but also because this child 'o mine need to know that it's good to inspire your own adventures. As I was told by children's author, Jacqueline Wilson earlier this week, an imagination is one of the best and most valuable things. And a kid's can be the most vivid and exciting. When peace rumbles through the house and land, that's when the stories and imagination can run a riotous dance.

This week, I also heard: A BBC guest ranting about kid = goat. BBC Susannah said she calls her kids 'kittens'. I like kid.

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